Photo: Richard Sz

Conwy Castle is without a doubt one of the great medieval fortresses of Europe. Castle Conwy sits perched above the walled medieval town of Conwy. Surrounded by eight identical towers, any visitor’s impression of Conwy is one of impressive strength and toughness.

One of the greatest castles in Wales, Conwy is especially remarkable due to the fact that most of the castle is accessible and incredibly well-preserved. When approaching Conwy, the castle seems to suddenly appear among the rocky outcropping that blends the castle seamlessly into the surrounding craggy hillside.

Any visitor to Conwy can’t miss the chance to climb to the top of one of the several towers that cap the castle and ascend above the surrounding town. Soaring more than 70 feet high, peek out one of the archer’s turrets to see why Conwy is one of the most well-protected castles in Europe. This is one of the few places where visitors have the chance to wander along the castle walls and get a birds-eye view of the inner armaments of the castle.

Conwy Castle and the surrounding town are astoundingly well-preserved with nearly a mile of original ramparts, complete with 21 towers and three gateways. Peer into the roofless Great Hall or see the incredible Snowdonia mountain and sea vistas that make Conwy famous. Make sure to stop in the bowed Great Hall, which stretches more than 100 ft and dominates the outer area of Conwy Castle.

Any visit to Conwy Castle is not complete without a stop into charming Conwy. A classic walled market town, little seems to have changed since the 1700s. Walking through the winding streets, one can still hear old Welsh being widely spoken. Walk by the river for a different view of Conwy Castle. See the smallest house in Britain or wade through Conwy Morfa and see where the first game of golf was played on Welsh soil!

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