Photo: Bell Eapen

See Cardiff Castle and immerse yourself in 2,000 years of history. Explore a castle that began as a Roman garrison, transitioned into a Norman keep, and was then transformed in Victorian times to a gothic castle. Cardiff Castle began as a Roman fort around 55 AD during the conquest of the Silures tribe under Emperor Nero. The fort was abandoned by the 5th century. It’s up to you to figure out why as you explore the castle and learn about its warmongering history!

Cardiff Castle was transformed into a Norman stronghold by 1091. You can see the shell of the fortress when exploring the castle grounds. It passed through several hands throughout the centuries, which can be seen in the different styles and combinations of architecture. In the early 19th century, Cardiff Castle was transformed in majestic medieval Gothic Revivalism style to become one of the grandest fantasy castles of the 1800s.

Begin your visit to Cardiff’s castle at the Interpretation Centre which features an open-air terrace with magnificent views over the castle and city alike. See a short film to brush up on your history, and then stop by the exposed Roman wall to start your journey through time. An audio guide is helpful when exploring the extensive grounds of the keep.

A must-see is the colourful Clock Tower, whose vibrant colours contrast strikingly with the imposing stone of the castle. Wander through the keep and marvel at the contrasting architecture, which ranges from Roman masonry to Norman fortifications to the grandeur that was constructed during the Victorian period. Tour the most recent history and visit the WWII bunker and learn about air raids in Britain!


Castle Street, Cardiff, CF10 3RB
Tel: (+44) 029 2087 8100
Times: Daily, 9.00 – various, depending on season