Photo: Pam Brophy

St Michael’s Mount is famous in both history and legend. The tidal island sits nearly 400 yards off of Cornwall’s coast. You can take a ferry to the island in high tide or walk across the causeway during low tide. If you walk, listen to the tale of Jack the Giant Killer, as you hike past where the giant was finally slain by Jack.

The mount has an illustrious non-fiction military history as well. It was used as a fortress during the Wars of the Roses and the Cornish Rebellion, as well as during the Civil War. You can still see pillboxes from WWII on the island that were placed there preparation of a German invasion of England.

Once you arrive on the island, stop and pay tribute at Chapel Rock, which houses a shrine of the Virgin Mary. Pilgrims stopped here to pay their respects before heading up to the castle, which dates back to the 12th century. Housing antique furniture and armour, it is easy to see the castle’s military history. See how the mount is a vital chokehold in British defences in the map room, as well as a model of the mount made out of champagne corks!

As you explore the castle, make sure to stop and admire the plaster frieze showing medieval hunting scenes, a truly unique relic! As you scale the turrets, admire the splendid stained glass windows that populate the castle. When you’ve reached the top of the fairytale castle, you can see astounding views of the mainland and across the ocean.

Don’t forget to stop by the priory church, which houses three alabaster panels dating back five centuries. On your way, look out over the exotic subtropical gardens, which are filled with plants from as far away as Mexico and the Canary Islands!

St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, TR17 0EF
Tel: 01736 710507
Times: April –  October, Sunday – Friday, 10.30am – 5.30pm