Photo: Mark Hillary

The Roman Baths feature Britain’s only hot spring, as well as a Roman place for communal bathing that is almost precisely as it was built by the Romans! Make sure to get the audio guide before you start your journey through the baths. They’ll provide invaluable information about the baths and other interesting facts about the Romans.

The baths are fed by the Sacred Spring. The Romans built a temple to the goddess Sulis here, which is one of the only truly authentic Roman temples in the UK. It contains a statue dedicated to the life-giving mother goddess, which is thought to be a carving of the Gorgon’s head.

The Roman Bath House itself contains the caladarium, tepidarium, and frigidarium, which are the hot bath, warm bath, and cold bath respectively. Bathing is no longer permitted due to the infectious diseases and lead in the water, but you are free to dip your hands or your feet in!

A must-see after the baths is the museum, which houses all of the artefacts that have been found from the Roman period. This contains many offerings to the goddess, such as Roman currency coins and curse tablets (usually written against whoever stole the writer’s clothes!).

Hike up to the terrace which looks over the Great Bath, you’ll get the best views of the baths and get to see the statues of the former Roman governors of Britain! If you’re hungry, head over to the Pumps Room, which overlooks the Sacred Spring. You can have lunch or tea, and you can even try a glass of the spa water (lead and infectious diseases not included).


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