Photo: Carlos Felipe Pardo

The Pitt Rivers Museum houses an eclectic collection to match the equally eccentric founder; each visit is like your own personal treasure hunt through the thousands of items collected by travellers, missionaries, and scholars. With more than a half a million archaeological and anthropological items showcasing human culture, everyone will find something that interests them.

From live giant cockroaches to shrunken heads to a witch in a bottle, this unusual collection will fascinate and enthral every visitor! You will discover objects from every corner of the world. With extensive photographic and sound archives, Pitt Rivers aims to preserve not only the items in the collections, but the time period when they were discovered. Many of the item descriptions are still hand-written by the museum’s founder, Lieutenant Augustus Pitt Rivers!

The artefacts are arranged by type, rather than chronologically to showcase how the same problems were resolved by different people at different times. Display cases are jam-packed with every feasible variation of objects. Make sure to pull out the many drawers underneath the display cabinets, which house even more artefacts for you to discover!

While there are no set trails within the museum in order to let you discover in your own way, families can pick up one of the many family trails to follow through the museum and keep kids entertained. Filled with touch-feel objects, Pitt Rivers keeps everyone in the family entertained! To enter the museum, you must walk through the Oxford Museum of Natural History, which is worth a visit of its own!


South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PP
Tel: 01865 270927
Times: Tuesday-Sunday, 10.00 – 16.30
Monday, 12.00 – 16.30