Paignton is a combined zoo and botanic garden that will entertain and delight everyone! With more than 2,000 animals and nearly 300 species, everyone will find their favourite animal friend.

Wander through the Desert Glasshouse to see a desert oasis and massive termite mounds. Venture through the Devon Woodland Forest to see the natural habitat of England, which is home to great apes, big cats, grass snakes and everything you can imagine! Investigate the wild Tropical Savannah where rhinos and elephants roam. In the Reptile Tropics you can investigate anacondas and poison dart frogs, some of the world’s deadliest animals. Make sure to watch out for the birds swooping around your heads! Don’t forget to stop by the wetland habitat, one of the world’s most unique environments, where flamingos and cranes make their home. This is a perfect time to stop for lunch at the Island Restaurant Garden!

There are so many animals wandering around the property, it’s easy to make friends with your favourite creatures! Admire the majestic peacocks or pet the outgoing pygmy goats. Cross the wobbly bridge in Lemur Wood to interact with the playful lemurs or meet feathered friends at the bird show. You can even watch animals being fed, or feed the Giant Tortoises yourself!

There is a miniature train to explore the whole zoo and gardens. Kids can let off steam at one of the many adventure playgrounds which are available rain or shine! Relax and enjoy the Nature Trail at the end of the day to admire the 1,600 different plant species at Paignton and discuss who your favourite animal pal was!


Totnes Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7EU
Tel: 0844 474 2222
Times: Daily, 10am – 6pm