Attractions for category: South England

  • Polesden Lacey

    Polesden Lacey

    Formerly home to Edwardian It Girl, Mrs Ronald Greville, this house and estate showcases what it took to impress the leading politicians and foreign statesmen of the day. Greville’s collection of impressive paintings, furniture, and […]

  • Pitt Rivers Museum

    Pitt Rivers Museum

    The Pitt Rivers Museum houses an eclectic collection to match the equally eccentric founder; each visit is like your own personal treasure hunt through the thousands of items collected by travellers, missionaries, and scholars. With […]

  • Paulton Family Theme Park

    Paulton Family Theme Park

    Paulton Family Theme Park is an exciting day out for the entire family. There is so much to do; there is something that will delight everyone! The extensive park covers more than 140 acres of […]

  • Paignton Zoo Environmental Park

    Paignton Zoo Environmental Park

    Paignton is a combined zoo and botanic garden that will entertain and delight everyone! With more than 2,000 animals and nearly 300 species, everyone will find their favourite animal friend. Wander through the Desert Glasshouse […]

  • Osborne House

    Osborne House

    The former royal retreat and summer home for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert gives visitors an personal glace into Queen Victoria’s family and home life. By far Queen Victoria’s favourite residence, Osborne House has paintings […]

  • Nymans House and Gardens

    Nymans House and Gardens

    Nymans House and Gardens provide a true insight into daily living of the eccentric Messel family. The house was largely ruined by a fire, but the remaining rooms are open to the public. The ruined […]

  • Newquay Zoo

    Newquay Zoo

    There is so much to see and do at Newquay Zoo! Everyone in the family will be delighted and amazed by the variety of animals to be found here. The zoo is home to more […]

  • New Forest

    New Forest

    The New Forest is an ideal place to spend a weekend out, whatever your style! With 220 square miles for you to explore, the possibilities are endless. Created by William the Conqueror in 1079, the […]