Attractions for category: South England

  • West Somerset Railway

    West Somerset Railway

    The West Somerset Railway is a must-do for any railway enthusiast. The railway houses the longest standard gauge heritage railway in Britain. You can enjoy 20 miles of scenic touring through the Somerset countryside and […]

  • Waddesdon Manor

    Waddesdon Manor

    Waddesdon Manor is a fantasy French chateau nestled in the English countryside. Built in neo-Renaissance style by the Rothschild family, the house is full of history and hidden treasures. Admire the stunning architecture as you […]

  • Thorpe Park

    Thorpe Park

    Thorpe Park is packed with action, adventure, and thrills! One of the top ten amusement parks in Europe, you can’t go wrong with a day out at the home of the tallest and fastest winged […]

  • The Donkey Sanctuary

    The Donkey Sanctuary

    The Donkey Sanctuary is a truly special place. Home to nearly 500 donkeys, the sanctuary takes in abused, unwanted and miss-treated donkeys. It has seen more than 11,000 donkeys and mules come through its doors […]

  • Tate St. Ives

    Tate St. Ives

    St. Ives has always had a reputation for art due to the number of artists that have migrated to the beautiful seaside over the centuries. There is no better place where this is represented than […]

  • Stowe Landscape Gardens

    Stowe Landscape Gardens

    Stowe Landscape Gardens have inspired visitors for generations. With more than 40 monuments and temples, there is always something to explore. From political history to classic countryside walks, Stowe is always the perfect day out, […]

  • Stonehenge


    Stonehenge. The very name inspires questions and wonder. What was Stonehenge? An astronomical observatory? A religious site or place of healing? A burial ground? Or is it just a bunch of really big rocks? In […]