Photo: Andrew Rivett

This museum is housed in a building that is every bit as beautiful as the objects inside it! As you admire the renowned neo-Gothic architecture, look carefully and see if you can find the cat paw prints pressed into one of the bricks!

The Oxford Museum of Natural History is dedicated to the diversity of life on earth, from humans to the rocks and minerals beneath our feet. As you enter, admire the spectacular central hall filled with statues of the great scientists, from Galileo to Darwin.

The museum is a working museum in conjunction with Oxford University, and has university lectures and staff on the grounds. In fact, this is the site of the infamous debate on evolution where Bishop Wilberforce allegedly asked Thomas Henry Huxley whether he was descended from a monkey on his mother’s or father’s side!

Explore the massive hall of dinosaur fossils and complete skeletons from all over the world. There are even some remains that come right from Oxfordshire! A perennial favourite is the stuffed dodo bird, which is the most complete set of remains found anywhere in the world. There are many stuffed and touchable items throughout the museum, making it a great day out for kids and adults alike!

Divided into zoological, entomological, mineralogical and geological specimens, the museum features everything from a glass beehive to shrunken heads. You can even see the Australopithecus Sediba, which is a recently discovered species that appears to provide the link between the Australopithecines and Homo.

Another can’t-miss is journeying to the museum’s tower to see the mating swifts that migrate every year from Africa!


Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PW
Tel: 01865 272950
Times: Daily, 10am – 5pm