Photo: Paul Gallo

One of the most adrenaline-pumping, fast-paced team sports in years, paintballing has become an incredibly popular activity enjoyed by many. National Paintball Games has six sites in the south east, offering competitive prices and excellent gaming!

Get into teams or take each other on individually, as you compete in a variety of missions over a range of terrains. National Paintball Games parks include a series of structures to aid you in your conquests and add to the authenticity of the game. There are towers, trenches, bridges and other fortified areas that vary from site to site. Use them to take cover and as meeting points throughout the game!

The equipment you are provided with can be used in all conditions, so a bit of rain won’t stop your game going ahead! The guns are semi-automatic carbines and have a range of approximately 200 feet. Ready, aim, fire!
National Paintball Games have also introduced a new type of combat gaming, in their combat laser games. With five different game types such as total elimination and capture the enemy flag, use your weapons and your team wisely in this laser tag game.

Locations in Sidcup, Longfield, Southend, Gatwick, Faversham, and Canterbury.
Tel: 0800 7836308