Photo: Jürgen Matern

Lacock Abbey allows you to truly experience everything! Founded in the early 13th century as a nunnery of the Augustinian order, the Lacock nuns lived in the abbey cloisters for centuries. Perfectly preserved, it is easy to imagine life as a Lacock nun through the years. After you visit the cloisters, stop by the kitchen which has been the heart of Lacock for more than 800 years! Enjoy the great hall which features some of the area’s finest gothic architecture.

Harry Potter enthusiasts will recognize Lacock Abbey inside and out from the 2nd and 6th films. Can you find the hallway where Harry freed Dobby?

However, Lacock Abbey is perhaps most famous for William Henry Fox Talbot, the man who invented photography. In 1835, Talbot made the earliest know photographic negative print of the oriel window of the south gallery. You can visit the gallery today and see where the first photograph was taken! There are always photography exhibits going on at the abbey, as a testament to its famous heritage. Photography enthusiasts can visit the Fox Talbot Museum to explore the history of photography and see one of the many exhibits the museum currently has on offer.

Visitors to Lacock Abbey can also enjoy the extensive grounds and the village. Discover the botanic gardens and apple orchards or stop by the rose garden that features fragrant blooming flowers that are sure to tickle everyone’s noses! A perfect place to have a picnic or grab a pint, Lacock is a picturesque setting that is not to be missed.


Lacock, near Chippenham, SN15 2LG
Tel: 01249 730459
Times: Cloisters, Museum & Grounds, daily, 10:30am – 5:30pm
Abbey Rooms, daily, 11am – 5pm
Shop & Tea Room, daily, 10am – 5:30pm
Village, daily, dawn to dusk