Down House is the former home of Charles Darwin. He lived for the majority of his adult life with his wife, Emma, and their many children. The Down House is owned by English Heritage, and is thus preserved much like it existed when Darwin lived there. When you explore the house, you can see the study where Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species.” It is preserved to show how Darwin lived and worked. You can see many of his notebooks, as well as his writing desk and chair. Pick up the multimedia tour to learn more about how Darwin developed his revolutionary ideas at Down House. You can also see a replica of Darwin’s cabin on the HMS Beagle. Tour the rest of the house to see how Darwin lived as a family man.

Take a stroll through the gardens to see what inspired Darwin on his theories of evolution. You can trace his steps through the grounds, as he used to take long nature walks to get away and think about his work. The “Sandwalk” was created by Darwin specifically as a thinking path for him to work out his ideas on natural selection. Don’t miss the hothouse where Darwub studied plant growth, pollination and variation after coming back from his voyages. They now contain carnivorous plants and rare orchids! Explore your inner scientist in the “Time Travellers Go…” events during your visit. Stop by the tea room for seasonal food from the Darwin gardens.

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Times: Daily, 11:00 – 17:00