Photo: National Archives

Winston Churchill’s family home remains a snapshot in time to Sir Winston’s life from 1924 until his death in 1965. Most of the rooms are preserved as they existed when he lived there. Learn about Winston Churchill not just as Britain’s leader, but as a family man, an artist, and more. You can discover the pictures, books, and personal keepsakes of Britain’s greatest politician.

As you wander through the rooms, feel the history in the original furniture, books, and his daily newspapers that made up this great man’s life. There are so many personal touches that make you feel as though he could be in the next room over. The cigars and dining room set for dinner create an incomparable atmosphere that takes you back in time.

As you explore the house and gardens, marvel at the wide-ranging interests and hobbies from his art studio to gardening. The studio on the grounds still contains many of Churchill’s original works, and the rolling hills and landscape show Churchill’s hand in every space. Sniff the lavender scents that pervade the estate or wander through the carefully cultivated 80 acre estate. There is even a playhouse he created just for his youngest daughter! Admire the views across the Weald of Kent or walk around the lakes he created. Keep an eye out for the rare black swans that were his favourite.

A special feature of Chartwell is the butterflies. A garden ahead of its time, the planting throughout the garden is dedicated to the butterflies’ needs, with a nectar-rich summer garden to flowering autumn plants. There are also provisions for people in the garden kitchen!

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