Photo: James Clark

At-Bristol is a science centre that’s made for kids (and adults!) to hear, touch, see, and smell science. There is an expansive array of trails and activities for an interactive discovery of the amazing workings of the world we live in. You can watch a live show, debate with scientists or do your own experiments. There is nothing you can’t do at At-Bristol!

Stop by All About Us for fifty hands-on exhibits about our bodies. Activate the Vein Ray to see your own veins or head to the Live Lab to learn how to extract DNA. Watch your body work by recording yourself jumping in a high speed camera. Play it back in slow motion to see the incredible things your muscles can accomplish. You can even see a real human brain! Head over to Your Amazing Brain to learn all about how it works – from memories to optical illusions, you’ll be amazed at all the things your brain can do!

You can take a voyage to the stars in the Planetarium. Try and reach the stars in your own flying object! Create your own animated film in 2D or 3D. Encase yourself in a giant bubble. There is so much to do in At-Bristol, you could never be bored! Explore the world around us with lights, sounds, and more. You can even create your own news broadcast about all you’ve done during your visit to At-Bristol.

Bristol’s premier science centre is perfect for all ages. Youngest visitors will love the Tiny Explorers zone, an exhibition area for under-eights. You can create your own stories and dress up as a space explorer! Older guests can explore light, force, and magnets, and explore what factors affect flight.


At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5DB
Tel: 0845 345 1235
Times: Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 6pm