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If you love giving feeling the creeps and the sensation of your spine tingling, then St Andrew Witches Tour is just the ticket for you. Do you dare to join the tour that will lead you down the darkened, supernatural streets of the ancient and royal burgh of St Andrews?

Shudder in horror and jump in fright as you are told stories of old folklore and its history in St Andrews, all under the cover of darkness. Meet your ghoulishly dressed tour outside Greyfriar’s Hotel on North Street. Don’t look back as you visit notoriously haunted sites in the city, accompanied by eerie tales of strange goings on that have been carefully researched and based on hard historical facts.

The tour has been running for thirteen years and triggers their punters to scream and laugh at the ghostly events. If however you are of a particularly nervous disposition then The Original St Andrew’s Witches Tour can arrange a day time event which can be arranged around a time to suit you.

The St Andrews Witches Tour is a great way not only to see a different side of St Andrew’s, but also to take in the sites and architecture along with their history and fascinating stories.


3A, Drybriggs, Balgarvie Road, Cupar Fife, KY15 4AJ
Tel: 01334 655057
Times: Arrange or join a tour at your convenience.