Photo: Sue Hasker

Quarry Bank Mill is one of the best preserved textile factories of the Industrial Revolution. Once harnessing power from an enormous iron waterwheel, it remains Europe’s most powerful working waterwheel.

Visit Quarry Bank and find out the story of the mill workers and entrepreneurs during the Industrial Revolution. See hand-spinners at work while being surrounding by the roaring clatter and hiss of machinery and steam engines. Regular demonstrations showing how cotton is manufactured into cloth are on throughout the day, and a beautiful garden next to the mill can be enjoyed as you take a break from the noises and general goings on of the mill!

Founded in 1784 by Samuel Greg, the mill transformed the village of Styal on the River Bollin, which still thrives today. Established and set up for the spinning of cotton, it became the largest business of its type in the United Kingdom and fascinates visitors by its sheer size and manufacturing capacity.

Like many factories in during the Industrial Revolution, Quarry Bank Mill was notable for having unpaid child apprentices, who took residence in the Apprentice House next to the mill. Take a tour of the Apprentice House and see the conditions experienced by working children in the 18th and 19th century.


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