Photo: Magnus Hagdorn

Step into a slice of British history with Melrose Abbey, Britain’s most spectacular ruin!
Located in the South of Scotland, Melrose Abbey was once an active monastery run by a group of Cistercian monks on the order of King David I in 1136.

The abbey was ruined during a raid almost 300 years later and rebuilt with the help of Robert the Bruce, whose heart was eventually embalmed and buried within the grounds of the abbey.
Numerous Kings of Scotland have also been laid to rest within the abbey grounds including King Alexander II. The ruins are noted for their almost perfectly preserved sculptures that somehow managed to escape the hands of raiders.

Visitors will have plenty to see and explore at the abbey and are sure to find the marvellous 11th century architecture utterly enchanting. The presbytery, which was reserved for the use of the monks only, is a spectacular sight to behold, as the old arched window that stretches almost entire the length of the wall casts the most beautiful shadows within the presbytery.


Abbey Street, Melrose, TD6 9LG
Tel: 01896 822 562
Times: April – September, Daily, 9.30 – 17.30
October – March, Daily, 9.30 – 16.30