Photo: Tom Jervis

Visit the beautiful Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park in Perthshire to explore nature’s beauty for a day out with the whole family!

Kinnoull Hill is an area covered in woodland, but the views from the top of the winding River Tay are breathtaking, to say the least! Kinnoull Tower must not be forgotten, as it majestically crowns the rise of the hill.

Kinnoull Hill has countless areas to have a peaceful picnic or to stop and enjoy the views. Full of a wide range of wildlife, the hill is home to deer, squirrel, and countless birds.

If your inner explorer is itching to get out, you can head off the beaten track and explore the park – careful not to fall off the cliffs though! The hill has facilities for mountain bike riders, so you can ride your way up to the top and then enjoy the speedy descent on your way back down.

For more cautious souls, there is a winding pathway that leads you up to the top of the hill. The inspiring scenery comes to life you ascend the hill, each step showcasing more wildlife than the one before. At the top of Kinnoull Hill, you can enjoy a panoramic display of Perthshire.


Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park, Perth, Perthshire, PH2
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