Based in the far north of Scotland, the Highland Museum of Childhood is an amazing tribute to life as a Highland child growing up in the 1800’s and beyond.

Photo: Duncan Brown

A trip to the Scottish Highlands is an amazing experience, and the Museum of Childhood is a must! The museum is surrounded Scotland’s trademark scenery, which is both beautiful and wild. The area is a haven for wildlife and you won’t breathe air fresher than that in Scotland. Visits to the museum will inevitiably incorporate a sightseeing trip around the local area, and there are numerous hills and mountains to be explored nearby.

The museum is set within an old Victorian railway station that was abandoned when the use of cars began to increase in the Highlands in 1946. The station has since been renovated and now houses a superb collection of childhood memorabilia of dolls and games that have been donated to them over the years.

The museum has a great collection full of toys from as early as the 1800’s, as well as collection of doll houses. And visitors will have the chance to browse through the photographic gallery full of black and white family photos!

If you grew up in Scotland, if you have Scottish roots, or if you’re just a Highlands enthusiast, then this museum is a gem that cannot be missed!


The Old Station, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, IV14 9DH
Tel: 01997 421031
Times: April – October, Monday – Saturday, 10.00 – 17.0
Sunday, 14.00 – 17.00