Edinburgh Dungeon is run by the same company as the impressive London and York Dungeons, and  Edinburgh Dungeon is equally a “feast of fun with history’s horrible bits”. The family attraction based at the imposing Castle takes ticket holders on a visceral, sometimes blood-curdling journey through a thousand years of Scottish history, and the associated crimes and punishments that were an integral part of the life and times of the country’s capital. Still, Edinburgh Dungeon is a fascinating and fun family day out that will entertain and enliven ticket holders who venture into its impressive entry and descend into another bygone world.

Edinburgh Dungeon boasts some state of the art exhibits that thrill tens of thousands of visitors every year, along with period-costumed actors who help to bring history to life and show those on a family day out just how the Dungeon and its warders operated and what those incarcerated within its fearsome walls would have had to endure.

Edinburgh Dungeon’s eclectic mix of fact and fantasy, education and entertainment, ensures that ticket holders on a family day out are guaranteed a thrilling and captivating family day out. For fans of the macabre, Edinburgh Dungeon is a paradise under the earth, and even for those of a more squeamish nature, the educational aspects of Edinburgh Dungeon make a trip to it both memorable and exciting.

Edinburgh Dungeon, 31 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QB
Tel: 0131 240 1000
Times: See attraction for specific details.