Photo: Eusebius (Guillaume Piolle)

Located in Perthsire, Scotland, Drummond Castle compromises a 15th century tower house and a 17th century mansion, accompanied by beautiful gardens that date back to the 1630s. It these gardens that Drummond Castle is most famous for, in the style of Italianate parterre gardens, and they are considered the finest in Europe.

A multiplex sundial can be seen in the gardens, surviving from 1603, carved by Charles I’s master mason at a time when interest in astronomy was great, and sundials were the only way to accurately tell the time.

Stroll through the splendid formal gardens, through the classical archway and kitchen garden, before cutting through the woodland and climbing to the opposite hillside.

The gardens are dotted with eye catching peacocks, and although the castle is not open to the public, these birds help reinforce a feeling of aristocracy within Drummond Castle Gardens. Children will love running and hiding amongst the gloriously ancient yew trees, as well as the copper beach trees which were planted by Queen Victoria, commemorating her visit in 1842.