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Drum Castle is the oldest keep in Scotland, dating back to the 13th century. It is a fine example of how notable families extended and morphed their original defensive homes, to match their requirements through the ages.

Visitors to Drum Castle can see this first hand, with the medieval tower, its Jacobean mansions and Victorian editions to the site. Located to the west of Aberdeen, Drum Castle features impressive architecture, extensive grounds, woodlands walks and a historic Rose garden, as well as being home to a fantastic collection of art.
Drum Castle was home to the Irvine family for over six and a half centuries, hosting a full 24 generations of an almost unbroken succession. It is said that one branch or another of the Irvine family has been involved in almost every single major event in Scots history over the last 1000 years, and Drum Castle has stood witness to much of this.

A visit to Drum Castle will reveal the depth of history that the dwelling has seen, epitomised by its mismatch of buildings and renovations.
Learn all about the Irvine family and Scotland’s history, hiw Drum Castle was captured several times during the country’s civil wars and how it evolved over the years.


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