Photo: Pete Birkinshaw

The WWT at Martin Mere is a superb place for a family day out filled with fun wildlife activities. This wetland centre is a nature reserve based in Lancashire, which spans a massive 50 acres of landscaped waterfowl gardens. The country park has been designed to allow the wetland wildlife to flourish and animals, such as otters, swans and ducks all happily inhabit the centre.

The WWT was founded by Sir Peter Scott in 1946 and seeks to preserve wetlands around the UK and worldwide. Much of their work involves helping endangered species that naturally thrive in the rapidly depleted wetland areas simply by conserving their habitat.

The centre is a lively place for visitors, there is so much to fit into a day at the wetland centre! Witness the Swan Spectacular where hundreds of swans fly up from the Raines Observatory to be fed everyday at 3pm. Feed grain to ducks, swans, cranes and flamingos from the palm of your hand or go on a canoe safari! You’ll have loads of fun navigating the waterways and spotting the wildlife along the way.

The centre is the perfect picnic destination, but there is also an onsite restaurant and café for days less suitable to picnicking. And for kids who want a little more adventure, they’ll enjoy the centre’s playgrounds and have fun building woodland dens using natural forest materials.

Whether you’re a nature or wildlife enthusiast or simply a parent in need of a day out for the family, Martin Mere is a place bursting with fun-filled education that the whole family can enjoy!


Fish Lane, Burscough, Lancashire, L40 0TA
Tel: 01704 895181
Times: Summer, daily, 9.30 – 17.30
Winter, daily, 9.30 – 17.00