Photo: Malcolm Sandilands

The Deep is widely regarded as one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world, nicknamed “the world’s only Submarium”. A few minutes’ walk from Hull Marina, city centre shops, and the Museum Quarter, East Yorkshire’s award-winning aquarium is home to over 3,500 fish, including incredible rays and sharks!

Take a journey into the deep from the very beginning of time. Explore the wonders of the oceans in present day, and journey to the future of deep sea research.

With a range of hands-on and interactive exhibits, as well as audiovisual and living displays, you can discover how the solar system, our planet, and the oceans came into existence. An impressive array marine habitats and life which thrive there are displayed in over thirty exhibits. They range from colourful animals that live in the warm shallows of tropical seas to freezing depths of the deep ocean.

See surgeonfish with the sharpest of scalpels on their tails in warm lagoon waters, unveil the secrets of the zooplankton, and marvel at the Picasso triggerfish. Learn about shores close to home in the KC Discovery Corner, with touch pool sessions and interactive displays. View the incredible colours of the live coral tank, aiding conservation and breeding coral programs. Finally set out on a voyage of discovery about oceans on the 21st century as you enter the compression tunnel and prepare to take on your duties at the deep ocean research station.


The Deep, Tower Street, Hull, HU9 1TU
Tel: 01482 381000
Times: Daily, 10am – 6pm