You can head to the tropics right in the heart of Leeds! Home to foreign species of plants and animals Roundhay Park will amaze and delight you. Find your way onto a tropical island populated with humid rainforests and dotted with swamps and pools of colourful fish. Listen closely to hear the gentle trickling of waterfalls.

Explore further to find exotic animals and birds in their natural environment. Continue your journey to the Butterfly House where there are more than 30 different species of butterflies on display. You’ll have to look carefully though, they hide in the intoxicating flowering plants and citrus trees.

If you are more fascinated by what lies under the water then visit the Amazon Tank which is home to the largest fish in the Tropical World. Can you spot the Niger Catfish from South America? What about the piranha’s close relatives Pacus? The tiger-skinned shovel-nosed catfish?

Get over to Australasia House, which has been used for film and television sets due to its range of exotic plants, serene waterfall and pool. It hosts excitable terrapins and towering trees for your enjoyment.

Roundhay Tropical World is a sanctuary for plant and animal lovers, in addition to an entertaining and educational destination for school trips and groups. New to Tropical World are the Morelets crocodiles, normally found in the swamps and lakes of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. They can now be spotted in the swamps of Roundhay!


Tropical World, Princes’ Avenue, Roundhay Park, Leeds, LS8 1DF
Tel: 0113 266 1850
Times: Daily, 10am-6pm (BST)
Daily, 10am-4pm (GMT)