Attractions for category: North England

  • Blackpool Zoo

    Blackpool Zoo

    Walk tall with giraffes and stalk prey with wild cats or go on a Dinosaur Safari at Blackpool Zoo! Home to an impressive collection of wildlife from all over the planet, past and present, Blackpool […]

  • Bede’s World

    Bede’s World

    Visit Bede’s World, a museum dedicated to the life of Venerable Bede. He was a monk and scholar from Northumbria, famous for his book, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People. The museum is based […]

  • Beamish Wild Adventure Park

    Beamish Wild Adventure Park

    Fun-packed Beamish Wild Adventure Park is nestled in the countryside between Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham City. Set in the perfect place for outdoor activities, Beamish Wild Adventure Park spans 24 acres on the grounds […]

  • Astley Hall

    Astley Hall

    Visit 15th century Astley Hall for a slice of British history and marvel at its unusual and charming architecture. Based in Chorley, Lancaster, Astley Hall resides on the beautiful grounds of Astley Park overlooking a […]

  • York Boat

    York Boat

    See the historic city of York from the calm of the River Ouse. A thoroughly enjoyable city cruise allows passengers to observe and admire the sites of York, whilst enjoying the comfort that comes with […]

  • White Scar Caves

    White Scar Caves

    Beneath the Chapel-le-Dale valley in Yorkshire Dales National park, a network of hidden cave chambers lays still and silent. Reveal their 350 million year history by delving into the White Scar Caves at Ingleborough. Fascinating […]

  • Wentworth Castle Gardens

    Wentworth Castle Gardens

    Wentworth Castle Gardens covers a massive 500 acres and includes beautiful historic gardens and a children’s adventure playground to keep the young ones occupied. You can visit any one of the 26 listed buildings and […]