Photo: Garry Knight

Situated next to the enchanting Lake Windermere, Lakes Aquarium is an informative and varied ocean centre that starts its displays right on its doorstep with a “Journey Below Lake Windermere”, which shows guests the incredible diving ducks that can be seen from the underwater tunnel. Gawp at the huge carp, starlet, and perch that swim right past your head. Next move on to the Leven Estuary, which contains the aquarium’s nursery. This is where infantile cod, striped mullet, silver sea bass, and lobster wait to graduate to bigger tanks.

Go more exotic in the Asia displays, where Mila and Smudge, the cheeky Asian Otters play and show off in their specially designed paddy field home. Discover the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit the African lands and waters like the curious mudskipper – a fish that is capable of living on both and in water. You can see explore the world’s diversity and visit the evolutionarily-advanced cichlids, as well as an unusual lungfish!

Lakes Aquarium works hard to help with conservation projects locally and around the world. Their efforts include raising money for monk seal conservation, the most endangered marine mammal left on the planet. Spend the day learning about marine life from all corners of the globe, and learn about the work that Lakes Aquarium do in order to promote and maintain biodiversity.


Newby Bridge, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 8AS
Tel: 015395 30153
Times: Daily, 9am-6pm