Photo: Su Neko

Lakeland Oasis is an exciting and unique attraction, bringing together exotic wildlife and hands-on exhibits that guide you through 300 million years of evolution. Follow the development and adaption of life on Earth in these exciting exhibits!

See some of the world’s most threatened species that are kept at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis as part of an international breeding program to conserve the species. Get close to nature as you watch butterflies, birds and bats flying freely amongst exotic plants, feeding on their favourite morsels.

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is involved in a range of conservation projects, these involve fund raising for onsite programs as well as mediating with other zoos to manage the conservation of endangered species up and down the country.

Visit the lizards who lounge lazily in their large enclosures, and watch in fascination as hard working leaf-cutter ants hurry effortlessly along the suspended rope walk, carrying vegetation weighing tens of times their own body weight. Arguably stealing the show at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis are the Himalayas & Southeast Asia Snow leopards, including Pavan, a young male leopard who was filmed for the film The Golden Compass.

Take your experience further with the chance to be a zoo keeper for the day! This is an unforgettable experience where you can work alongside a regular keeper, helping to look after a whole range of rare and exotic animals.


Hale, Milnthorpe, LA7 7FE
Tel: 015395 63027
Times: Daily, 10am-5pm