Photo: Michael Spiller

We are all familiar with the brave tale of Grace Darling and her father. When Grace was only 22 years old, she saw the wreck and survivors of the Forfashire’s sinking from her window. She and her father risked their lives to save surviving passengers from shipwrecked remains among lethal rocks, not far from the lighthouse they inhabited.

Learn all about the Darlings, this infamous September 7th night and how Grace Darling shot to fame to become the celebrity of her day. After more than 160 years, Grace Darling and her selfless heroic act are remembered and commemorated by The Grace Darling Museum in Bamburgh-Northumberland. The museum works closely with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and is located opposite the Darling family grave in St. Aiden’s Church, in their home town of Bamburgh.

Visitors to the museum will learn the full story of the Forfashire rescue, the Darling family history, family and personal items. You can even see the boat used in the rescue and hear the story of her tragic death in 1842, when she was aged just 26. Also on display are the hundreds of gifts and honours made in her lifetime, as well as examples of contemporary press reports, books, songs and poems in Grace Darling’s honour.


Radcliffe Road, Bamburgh, NE69 7AE
Tel: 01668 214 910
Times: Easter – October, Tuesday-Sunday, 10am – 5pm
November – Easter, Tuesday-Sunday, 10am – 4pm