Photo: Martin Burns

Enjoy a slice of medieval Britain with a trip to Etal Castle. Located far north on the Scottish border, this castle is teeming with historical tales of countless Scottish raids and family feuds.

Etal Castle is surrounded by miles of lush Northumberland countryside, making it a perfect picnic site for families. The castle itself is a magnificent example of military architecture, fully accessible with plenty to see and explore! The castle runs exhibitions throughout the year, including the award-winning Battle of Flodden where you can learn about the horrific conflicts between the raiding Scots and the English along the troubled borderlands.

The birthplace of modern medicine in England, Etal Castle is where Sir Robert de Manners translated early Arabic texts on healthcare. Before long, the castle had transformed into an early doctors surgery with people travelling specially to see the castle for both medical and dental treatments.

Visitors to the castle needn’t be limited to the castle and its grounds with the quaint, picturesque village of Etal close by.


Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland, TD12 4TN
Tel: 01890 820332
Times: April – October, daily, 11:00 – 16:30
November – March, Saturday & Sunady, 10:00 – 16:00