Photo: David Friel

The Dewa Roman Experience is an award winning, family run attraction in Chester, where you will find yourself thrown in Roman times, wandering their streets and exploring archaeological remains. Since 1993, visitors of all ages have walked through the doors and been greeted in the dark hall of the Roman Gallery. It is here where Grapus the Oars Masters warns you of the dangers you will come across as you approach the edge of the known world. Once out of the Gallery you will witness a world of reconstructed Roman sites such as the granary, barracks, the bath-house, tavern and market stalls, which would once have formed part of a fortress home to a 5,000 strong Twentieth Legion. See, hear and smell how it would have been for the inhabitants of this fortress.

The Dewa Roman Experience is aptly placed on the site that was once the heart of the original legionary fortress, and in 1991 archaeologists uncovered the remains of the fortress. The excavation site has been left open for visitors to see, giving a rare opportunity to witness genuine Roman, Saxon and Medieval remnants. A fantastic collection of rescued Roman artefacts from Chester and further are on permanent display, and a ‘hands-on’ room with activities such as armour fitting, mosaic building and firing a catapult will keep the kids entertained.


Peirpoint Lane, Off Bridge Street, Chester, CH1 1NL
Tel: 01244 343407
Times: February-November, Monday-Saturday, 9am – 5pm
Sunday, 10am – 5pm
December – January, daily, 10am – 4pm