Photo: Nigel Swales

Home to 7,000 animals, of which more than 400 species are rare or endagered , Chester Zoo is the number one zoo in the UK. Set in 1,100 acres of award winning gardens, a visit to Chester Zoo will provide you with more than you bargained for.

All the animals at Chester Zoo are provided with the highest standards of care and conservation, contributing to the prevention of extinction and the spreading of awareness and knowledge about the species. Visit the crowd pleasers such as the big cats and the elephants, and be intrigued by species you may never have seen before such as the hoofed central African Okapi. See the large array of exotic birds on display such as Hornbills, Flamingos and the loveable penguins. Head over to the most misunderstood group of animals on the planet – the reptiles. Cold, shiney and still, spot the 50 species of reptiles at Chester Zoo including the Komodo Dragon and the world’s largest lizard!

But don’t let the animals take all of your attention, because the backdrop to Chester Zoo is notoriously beautiful, set in acres of glorious plants from around the world, reflecting the natural habitat of some of the zoo’s exotic species. With play areas across the zoo, give the kids a chance to burn off some steam, or head to the golf course or boating lake for a more relaxed environment.


Chester Zoo,Upton-by-Chester,Chester,CH2 1LH
Tel: 01244 380280
Times: Daily, 10am – 5pm