Photo: Tim Fields

Meet great Knights, witness magical sorcery and get front row seats to spectacular jousting tournaments between the land’s finest competitors! See and do everything you would expect at The Magical Kingdom of Camelot, a positively medieval day out and fantastic fun for everyone! Camelot just wouldn’t be Camelot without their crowd pleasing medieval shows, entertaining civilians, Lords and Ladies from faraway lands. Take a trip back in time as you are enthralled and entertained by the heroic Knights of Yore, as they compete for your adoration with their horsemanship, incredible jousting competitions and their impressive swordsmanship. Complimented by jesters, jugglers, fire eaters and trick riders, the jousting shows are a spectacle not to be missed, and you can even have a chat with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table after it’s over.

Merlin can be found performing his wonderful illusions twice a day, taking place in the Castle and baffling audiences of all ages, Merlin’s school of wizardry will amaze and bemuse you as you take a break from the brave Knights of Camelot.

A new addition to Camelot Theme Park is the King Arthur’s Bird of Prey and Animal Centre, where visitors have the opportunity to get up close to these amazing birds, and learn all about them as they swoop across the sky in impressive flying displays. Eagles, Owls and Falcons show off their wing span and are put through their paces by highly trained falconers, in a daily show.


Camelot Theme Park, Park Hall Road, Chorley, PR7 5LP
Tel: 01257 453044
Times: 10am – various, depending on season