Photo: Garry Knight

Step into the encapsulating world of a tropical rainforest, brimming with exotic and beautiful specimens of trees, flower and shrubs, playing host to the world’s most attractive butterflies. Escape the greyness of daily life and bask under the wing beats of hundreds of butterflies in all imagineable colours, while you listen to the sounds of a waterfall splashing somewhere nearby.

Butterfly World know that many species of butterflies are in great danger due to the rapid increase in deforestation, use of pesticides, depletion of hedgerows and destructive farming techniques which destroy the natural habitats of butterflies. At Butterfly World, a tropical environment has been recreated and fine tuned to provide an environment where a health life cycle of the butterfly can occur. Not only will you be able to see the stunning creatures flutter about freely, but you can learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, which might be more complicated than you initially think!

Butterfly World also has a reptiles section, with some creatures that may be harder to spot than the brightly coloured butterflies. Spot the Bearded dragon, Chameleon mellorei, Burmese python and more! Meerkats are a new and popular edition to butterfly world and children love to watch them scuttle around their new home in the reptile house.


Butterfly World Ltd, Preston Park, Yarm Road, Eaglescliffe, Cleveland, TS18 3RH
Tel: 01642 791414
Times: March to November, daily, 10am – 4.30pm