Photo: Chris Perriman

Visit the main hub of Roman history in Britain! Newcastle is brimming with Roman archaeological treasures. The Arbeia has a history that will wow you! Set in South Shields, this old Roman fort rests on the bank of the River Tyne, ever watchful of approaching enemies. The area is well known for its Roman connections and there are numerous other sights to be seen. Look for Hadrian’s Wall, which is only four miles away!

Built around 160AD, the fort has a long history as a garrison or military base, where is was home to many men from all reaches of the massive Roman Empire. ‘Arbeia’ means place of the Arabs and was named as such due to the Iraqi men who were stationed there. In the Fort’s later years, it became a military superstore, supplying weapons and other military paraphernalia to the 17 forts along Hadrian’s Wall.

There is so much to see and do at the Arbeia Roman Fort Museum; the collection of artefacts will keep you browsing for some hours. The museum is based within the actual fort and visitors will be able to see the excavated remains of the fort, as well as areas reconstructed over the old sites to give you the best insight into life as a Centurion. Although some of the rooms on display are reconstructions, many contain the true artefacts unearthed at the scene.


Baring St, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE33 2BB
Tel: (0191) 456 1369
Times: April – September
Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm
Saturday, 11am – 4pm
Sunday, 2pm – 5pm