Attractions for category: Museums & Galleries

  • London Fire Brigade Museum

    London Fire Brigade Museum

    From antique fire engines and Victorian uniforms to the world’s most advanced fire equipment, London Fire Brigade’s museum tells the story of the capital’s fire-fighters. Built in 1820, Winchester House in Southwark Bridge Road was […]

  • London Motorcycle Museum

    London Motorcycle Museum

    Whether you’re a motorcycle fanatic or just have a passing interest, this is the only London museum devoted to the two-wheeled vehicle. Museum founder Bill Crosby began collecting bikes in the 1960s. He initially displayed […]

  • The Musical Museum

    The Musical Museum

    The Musical Museum contains one of the world’s foremost collections of self-playing musical instruments. It was founded in 1963 by Frank Holland MBE, who believed that self-playing musical instruments should be preserved and played. The […]

  • Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

    Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

    St Mary’s Hospital is home to the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum where Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin at in 1928. It was a breakthrough that revolutionised medicine and earned him a Nobel Prize. Amongst the […]

  • Ben Uri Gallery

    Ben Uri Gallery

    Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art, is Britain’s oldest Jewish cultural organisation and the only museum in Europe to be dedicated to Jewish art. It was established in 1915 in London’s East […]

  • The De Morgan Centre

    The De Morgan Centre

    The De Morgan Centre for the Study of 19th Century Art and Society houses a large collection of the work of the Victorian ceramic artist William De Morgan and his wife, the painter Evelyn De […]

  • The Fan Museum, Greenwich

    The Fan Museum, Greenwich

    The Fan Museum is the world’s first museum dedicated to all matters pertaining to the fan. It an internationally renowned collection of fans, fan leaves and related material, including 17th century French fan leaves and […]