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Founded in the 1120s, Kenilworth Castle was built over several centuries with various parts being added and altered over the years. This Grade I listed building became a tourist attraction in the 1800s and became famous when Sir Walter Scott published his novel Kenilworth in 1826.

Best known as home to Robert Dudley, some of the palatial splendour that was bestowed upon the castle by him still remains today and makes it incredibly popular with visitors.

Upon entering the castle grounds you will travel across a small bridge, beside which is the Visitor Centre. You can pick up some information and browse the shop if you want to purchase some souvenirs.

As you reach the castle itself you will notice just how big it was before it fell into ruin, and infact it is still pretty huge today! Make sure you have a look at Leicester’s Building, which was founded by Dudley as accommodation for Elizabeth I. From there you can move on to the State Rooms – as you walk about you’ll really get a feel for the enormity and splendour of the structure.

The Great Hall is widely regarded as the masterpiece of the original castle; and with its huge fireplaces and window arches, it remained almost unchanged until the Civil War.

The Keep is one of the most notable features of Kenilworth due mostly to its sheer size. When you stand within its walls you’ll come to appreciate the feats undertaken in building such a structure.

Before you leave make sure you go for a stroll around the Elizabethan garden. Lost for more than 400 years, English Heritage undertook to recreate it between 2005 and 2009. Having been brought back to life, it is now a beautiful setting in which to enjoy the sights and scents of the outdoors.


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Opening Times: April-November 7 days a week 10am-5pm. Please see website for Winter opening hours.