Chedworth Roman Villa is one of the largest Roman villas in the UK. It includes several wings built throughout the centuries for you to explore. There are two separate bathing areas, including cool plunge pools and a steam room. Stop by Chedworth’s water shrine, which has original Roman masonry, to pay your respects to the water-nymphs as the villa’s original residents did. The 1,600 year old shrine is rumoured to be where the beginnings of water worship took place.

Take time to marvel at the inventions of the Romans – there was under-floor heating in much of the villa and stunning architecture throughout the compound. Don’t miss the Roman latrines which include flushing toilets and fresh running water. The museum on the grounds further explains Roman life while the villa was occupied.

Chedworth’s main attraction is its extensive mosaic tiles. The most complete sections of tiling are in the dining room, at the intersection of the west and south complexes. Eleven rooms contain mosaic tiling, though only five are completely excavated and covered under protective shelters to preserve them. There are raised walkways all around the site to make navigation easy. Make sure to grab an audio tour to hear more about the villa in Roman times.

Kids will enjoy dressing up as great Roman figures and exploring the grounds. They can even see archaeology in action as excavation work continues on the villa. Young visitors will enjoy making their own mosaics and textiles, just as the Romans did. Over a mile of Roman walls survive, which are great to walk around for an afternoon!


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