Photo: David Stowell

This moated manor house is the perfect day out full of surprises and discovery. Much of the house boasts 16th century carvings and furniture, though a personal touch is added by the many 19th

century knickknacks collected by the house’s later occupants. Start in the stunning great hall to admire the house’s architecture, which boasts a wealth stained glass, showcasing the family’s coat of arms. Make sure to stop by the parlour and the library for an inside look at how the family lived in the 16th century and beyond!

However, the real treat at Baddesly Clinton is the numerous priest holes that dot the property. The family remained Roman Catholic during the Reformation and sheltered many Catholic priests who feared execution if discovered. There are several secret passages that sheltered priests throughout the 16th century. See if you can find the hidey hole in the moat room. Another is hidden in an old toilet. There’s even one in the house’s sewers!

The house has extensive formal gardens and ponds, which guests are encouraged to visit. Take a 1 ¾ mile walk around the outside of the gardens and admire the many farm buildings that dot the property, many of which date back to the 18th century. Rest your tired feet at the pond, or take a break at one of the benches set up for picnicking. The tea room is lovely as well, featuring homemade meals and fresh-baked bread. You can explore Baddesley Clinton’s kitchen garden, vegetable plot, and beehives to see where your food comes from! There is also a large second-hand bookshop where you can search for hidden treasures to remind you of your trip.

Rising Lane, Baddesley Clinton, B93 0DQ
Tel: +441564783294
Times: Summer, 11am – 5pm
Winter, 12pm – 4pm