Photo: Barkaw

The land on which Arbor Low Stone Circle and Gib Hill are found is claimed as the East Midlands’ most important prehistoric site and it certainly is a treat for visitors. Set amidst the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, the Stone Circle is reminiscent of Stonehenge’s striking and powerful presence.

The stones themselves are on a flat plateau, which is surrounded by a ditch. In turn the ditch is circuited by a raised protective bank with two gaps in it thought to have been used as an entrance and exit to the site. It is unknown whether the recumbent stones ever stood upright like those at Stonehenge, adding to the mystery and intrigue of the place.

Dating all the way back to the Early Bronze Age, Arbor Low Stone Circle is a much older feature than its surrounding companions. The nearby area is home to a scattering of Late Bronze Age barrows, constructed as burial places and regarded as the most common of architectural monuments in Britain. The most famous and largest of these neighbours standing at 16 feet tall is Gib Hill, so called because a local murderer was once hanged there.

If that’s not historically rich enough for you it is even more interesting to note that excavations as early as 1845 revealed a stone chamber containing human remains and a small clay urn.

Situated on dramatic high moorland, Gib Hill and Arbor Low Stone Circle are fantastic samples of British history and really are the highlights of a long walk or wander across Derbyshire’s peaceful locality.


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