Celebrating life’s macabre side in its full gory glory – but always remaining within the boundaries of good taste – the London Dungeon is one of the capital’s most interesting and popular attractions. Located in Tooley Street and best accessed from London Bridge station, the venue offers the visitor several historically gory events in a way suitable for all the family (other than very young children). With an educational focus as well as an opportunity to shock and awe people, the Dungeon uses actors, special effects and fairground-style rides to deliver its message to the thousands of people who come through its doors every week in high season – so you’ll come away with a better understanding of city life through the centuries, as well as a sense of the grim standards of justice and punishment in those far-off eras.

On the subject of London’s more sinister denizens, the London Dungeon also devotes one of its most popular attractions to the story of Jack The Ripper, the serial killer who murdered several prostitutes in 1888. Watch as the bodies are discovered and the authorities begin the search for the killer. In fact, history reveals that the identity of the killer (or killers) of the victims never came to light, making the mystery even more compelling.

Visitors to the London Dungeon will come away from the Dungeon with much more than a few shocks under their belt – the experience the Dungeon offers is also a chance to learn about the incredible history of England’s capital city via the medium of the macabre. However, as none of the displays will genuinely terrify anyone, you can be confident that a good time will be had by all in this most unusual of of the city’s major attractions.

28-34 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2SZ
Tel: 020 7403 7221
Times: See attraction for specific details.