Photo: nick.garrod

Completed in 1145, Norwich Cathedral boasts beautiful architecture and is truly breathtaking both inside and out. The Cathedral spire is the second tallest in England, standing at an astonishing 315 feet.

Because the Cathedral is such a popular place to visit, they offer a tour programme. The daily guided tours are conducted every day and last for around 45 minutes. They are a great way to learn more about the Cathedral’s history and features.

As one of the most unaltered Norman buildings in Europe, the Cathedral is remarkable. When you enter, make sure you look up at the magnificent vaulted ceiling in the nave. And as you wander through the cloisters, keep your eyes peeled for the 1,000 bosses (stone protrusions) that adorn the stone work above your head. The cloisters are in fact only dwarfed by those at Salisbury Cathedral so are a splendid sight.

Besides all of the fascinating history and architecture at Norwich Cathedral, the building is also home to many more recently commissioned works. As you explore you may notice the brass coloured font. This piece, known as the Rowntree Font, is actually from the Rowntree factory and was originally used as a key component in the toffee making process.

If you’ve worked up an appetite absorbing the detail and majesty of the Cathedral, head to the Refectory. Originally used as the monks’ dining hall during the 12th Century, it retains its former function as an eatery and offers visitors a chance to re-fuel.

Once you’ve seen Norwich Cathedral you will want to come back again and again. A wonderful place for worshippers and tourists alike to spend time at, it promises to provide an informative and interesting day out.


The Close, Norwich NR1 4DH

Tel: 01603 218 300

Opening Times: Daily 7:30am-6:30pm.