Photo: iknow-uk

Located on the beautiful Suffolk coast, Dunwich Heath is a haven for wildlife and plant-life alike. As a rare habitat it is home to a range of bird species in particular, which are a delight to see. The Dartford warbler and the nightjar reside on the heath for instance.

There are also adders hiding shyly amongst the undergrowth and the occasional ant-lion (or doodlebug). To make the most of these creatures, take the Dunwich gorse walk path, which will lead you around the heath on national Trust land.

The fauna isn’t confined to the heath, however, as there is plenty to see from the beach. Follow one of the three marked paths leading from the heath to the beach and take in the cliffs that separate them in places. If you want a better view of the creatures that thrive in the sea, head to the SeaWatch lookout and keep your eyes peeled for porpoises and seals.

The beach consists of a mile-long stretch of shingle and sand and is the perfect place for building sandcastles or indulging in a picnic. If you didn’t bring a picnic then the Coastguard Tearooms are a lovely way to enjoy some of the local produce and recharge your batteries.

And for those of you who still have  some energy and want to immerse yourselves in local history from the heath area, it is worth going on the Mount Pleasant farm and Greyfriars monastery walk. This is a really great walk to explore as you get to take in the marvellous scenery of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


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