Photo: The Wilky Bar Kid

Opened to the public in 1846, Cambridge University Botanic Garden provides a peaceful haven for all who frequent it. Unusually located almost entirely on level ground, a stroll in the garden’s 40 acres is a pleasant and relaxing experience. Keep an eye on the website for the Head of Horticulture’s weekly favourite plants.

With over 8,000 species on site, the garden is arranged into numerous smaller gardens, each with their own individual theme. Have a wander through the Autumn Garden with its different species of Smokebush and grand fronds of Pampas Grass. The Genetics Garden offers a truly educational experience. Whilst it focuses on the future of our vegetation, you can also see recreations of the hybridisation experiments of the past that produced some of the more popular plant species of today.

The Western boundary of the Botanic Garden is highlighted by a stream, Hobson’s Conduit. This water source was actually built in 1610 to provide the centre of Cambridge with clean water and is now a major tributary to the Botanic Garden’s Lake. Why not go for a walk around the lake and see what beautiful plant species its banks are home to?

Continuing with the water theme, the Fountain is the iconic centre-point of the Eastern part of the Garden’s Main Walk. It is extremely popular with visitors and provides some real excitement for the kids. Cast in bronze, the 7 disc-shaped plates that make up the fountain beautifully evoke the Giant Redwood trees as the water shoots up from the discs. There are benches situated around the Fountain, making it a perfect spot to stop and enjoy your picnic.

If you fancy being indoors for a bit then the Glasshouse Range is a delightful way to experience tropical climes. Composed of 7 different categories, from carnivorous plants to vegetation that thrives in arid lands, the Glasshouse Range is both exciting and informative. Whether you want to spend a few hours or an entire day, these Botanic Gardens will not disappoint.


1 Brookside, Cambridge CB2 1JE

Tel: 01223 336 265

Opening Times: April to September 10am-6pm. February, March & October 10am-5pm, January, November & December 10am-4pm.