Photo: tworedboots

BeWILDerwood is the perfect place for your kids to have an adventure and stretch their imaginations. Tom Blofeld designed and built BeWILDerwood as a real-life recreation of the setting for his books: A Boggle at BeWILDerwood and The Bewilderbats. So if you want a day out tailored towards entertaining the kids and a guaranteed easy bed-time, BeWILDerwood is ideal.

Try the Tricky Tunnels without touching the ground. You will have to put to use your climbing and balancing skills as you meander through the forest, avoiding the dangers of the forest floor. If you’re feeling strong after the Tricky Tunnels the next logical step is to the Wobbly Wires. The Twiggles have built a zip-wire so you can embrace your inner adventurer and fly through the air. Dad’s are strongly encouraged by BeWILDerwood to try this one.

After all of the excitement of the tunnels and zip-wire, relax on a BeWILDerBoat. Travel through the Dysmal Dyke and see what monsters are hiding in the Scary Lake. Along the way you can be enlightened by the boatmen about the characters that live in the BeWILDerwoods. If that was a little bit too frightening there is always the opportunity to snuggle up in the Cosy Cabin where the Twiggles will provide you with refreshments while you watch the storytelling.

Inspired by all of these tales you can indulge in some exploration at the Muddle Maze. Try not to get too lost as you search for the lair of the Thornyclod Spider and make a hasty exit when you’ve found him via the rope bridge.

If you’ve got children aged 5 and under and the park is a bit too busy, then specially designed Toddlewood Valley is perfect for tots to let of some steam and have a bit of fun. And when you have worked up an appetite you can always visit the Snack Shack or Munch Bar for a bite to eat.


Horning Road, Hoveton, Norfolk NR12 8JW.

Tel: 01692 633033

Opening Times: 10am-5:30pm (please see website for seasonal closures)