Attractions for category: Castles, Churches & Cathedrals

  • Cardoness Castle

    Cardoness Castle

    Step back to 1470 in the family home of the McCulloch’s. Designed as a defence against raiders and the surrounding feuding families, evidence of its defensive purpose is shown in the architecture, with its thick […]

  • Brodie Castle

    Brodie Castle

    Brodie Castle is a superb example of Scottish architecture from the 1500’s onwards. The castle houses a wealth of history about the Brodie family, as well as to the Highlands. The castle is full of […]

  • Balmoral Castle

    Balmoral Castle

    Deep within the Cairngorms National Park, resting on the banks of the winding River Dee, resides magnificent Balmoral Castle, private residence of Her Majesty, the Queen. Balmoral Castle was a gift from Prince Albert to […]

  • Urquhart Castle

    Urquhart Castle

    Positioned beside the famous Loch Ness in Scotland, Urquhart Castle is where the most Loch Ness sightings have occurred. Maybe you’ll see the legendary beast! Although a shadow of its former glory, Urquhart remains an […]

  • Roche Abbey

    Roche Abbey

    The romantic remains of this Cistercian monastery are settled in a beautifully landscaped valley in South Yorkshire. Roche Abbey’s dilapidation does little to stifle the impressive, soaring early Gothic transepts that still survive to their […]

  • Fyvie Castle

    Fyvie Castle

    In the village of Fyvie, in Aberdeenshire, Fyvie Castle stands tall and proud, overlooking the rest of the town. Its’ 13th century origins speak to its beginnings as a royal court. Like many ancient castles, […]